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Mon Feb 15 19:39:12 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 13:25, Gary Kirkpatrick
<pegngaryubuntu at> wrote:
> I did something similar to what you outlined.  This reduced the number
> of partitions to less than 4.
> The other possible problem i had was trying to install ubuntu on a
> logical drive.  Not sure if you can.  But that may have been why I
> could not designate a root partition.

There's no reason you can't do that...  I have a Lenovo S10 with a
160GB disk and here's my current partition setup:

/dev/sda1      20GB               Windows XP
/dev/sda2      100GB             /home
/dev/sda3      EXTENDED
/dev/sda5      100MB             /boot  # for #!Crunchbang
/dev/sda6      2GB                 swap
/dev/sda7      20GB               /        # for #!Crunchbang
/dev/sda8      100MB             /boot  # for UNR 9.10
/dev/sda9      10GB               /        # for UNR 9.10
/dev/sda10     100MB            /boot  # for Slax
/dev/sda11     10GB              /        # for Slax

(those are approximate sizes)

and everything boots just fine.  I am using the older Grub though, as
I've not played enough with Grub2 to decide whether or not I like it.




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