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Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 15 19:27:34 UTC 2010

James Montgomery wrote:
> Dave Woyciesjes wrote:
>> James Montgomery wrote:
[ now unrelated content struck...]
>>> Karl, this is exactly why you should reply to the list and CC the
>>> original recipient. That is generally how moderated lists function
>>> efficiently and effectively.
>>> J.M.
>> 	Hmmm, not a good idea. It would piss me off very quickly if I started 
>> getting a duplicate of every message when I'm part of a thread in a 
>> mailing list.
> Dave,
> I would hope they weren't CC'ing the enitre thread every message....

	Yep, but people are, well, odd....

> ... It's
> customary to respond to a specific question in that fashion. Eg:
> User A Posts: $PROBLEM
> User B Replies directly to User A and CC the list (for archival purposes)
> Solved.
	To be honest, I've never heard of that custom in regards to email list 
participation. Every list I'm on, been on, or looked at, all agree. 
Replies should _only_ go to the list. Never CC the original poster. 
Because the original poster could inadvertently reply to the direct 
message ( and not the list version) and some useful information is not 
sent to the list.

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