istall of 9.1 remix

Loïc Grenié loic.grenie at
Mon Feb 15 12:29:41 UTC 2010

2010/2/15 Gary Kirkpatrick <pegngaryubuntu at>:
> Friend wants ubuntu on her Eee 10" notebook.  When the partitioner
>   loads it reveals on sda1 there is windows 7 loader on 100g partition.
>   Sda2 has 122.9g.  Sda3 has 10gig and vista loader, sda 4 just had 15.7
>   meg of space.
>   Friend wants to keep windows 7 but not vista.  I know how to wipe the
>   10 gig space ande format it to ext 3 and tell it to use /home but I
>   can not see how to make sure 9.1 installs to the 10 gig space.  Also
>   after wiping the 10 gig space and setting it to /home, I click forward
>   and I get an error message saying their is no root partition and it
>   tells me to use the menu to set one up.  But I can not see how to do
>   that.

     Do you want all of ubuntu in this 10gig space or only the users
  data ?

    When you said to use sda3 as /home, you said "use this space
  for users data". If you want to use sda3 for all of Ubuntu, you have
  to use it for "/" (which is the "root" you see in the error message).

    If you want to use some other space for the system, you will
  have to proceed differently.

       Hope this helps,


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