Regression analysis with PSPP

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at
Sun Feb 14 19:52:57 UTC 2010


> Please am using ubuntu software, an d I needed to solve a multiple
> regression analysis (one dependent Variable (Y) and three Independent
> variablesX1,X2,X3). I have tried severally to use pspp in solving it
> but all to no avail. So, could you please help me and tell me how I
> can apply it. Thanks in anticipation! Emeka.

I can't provide any help to this particular question, but there's a few
things you could do to improve your chances:

1) Use a subject line that goes some way to explaining the problem in
your email. Very few people on this list read *every* email - most of
us will do some filtering based on subject line, where we read emails
with subject lines that look like they pose interesting problems, or
hold questions to which we know the answer. You're likely to miss a lot
of the people who do know about regression analysis with "I need your
help" as a subject line. 

2) You should say what you tried, what happened, and what you expected
to happen. Which part of the process was to no avail?

Avi Greenbury

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