installing XP

Odd iodine at
Sun Feb 14 19:05:35 UTC 2010

Tom H wrote:
>>>> Thanks for helping!  And no i will not download an illegal copy of
>>>> windows from China.
>>> No-one suggested downloading an illegal copy of windows from China. What
>>> WAS suggested was a Chinese Linux distro based on Ubuntu 9.10, with a
>>> winXP look-alike interface, from here:
>>> Nothing illegal about it.
>> Ripping the UI graphics from XP is certainly not legal. Plus, I'd be wary
>> of installing something that's probably 0wned by default.
> Ridiculous twice over.


> You can make Ubuntu look like Windows or OS X completely legally.

Not if you steal the graphic files directly from them.

> Do you realize how many computers are made in China? Do you think that
> they are all 0wned?!



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