Installing/uninstalling apps in Ubuntu

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Sun Feb 14 19:02:49 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:18 AM, Jim Byrnes <jf_byrnes at> wrote:

> Is there a downside to installing apps for testing and then uninstalling
> them if you use a package manager?  By downside I mean, over time will
> the practice decrease performance or stability.
> The reason I ask is for the last 12+ years I have used mostly OS/2 and a
> little Windows. In OS/2 the ini files can become bloated or corrupted
> overtime, because of broken links and references. Sometimes leading to
> performance or stability problems.
> Regards,  Jim
There's no downside at all.
You can say something like  :
sudo apt-get purge <application name>
and all the files associated with the application and not shared with any
other application are removed.

Not to mention, you can run :
sudo apt-get autoremove
from time to time to remove libraries and stuff which are  not being used by
any other application.

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