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J dreadpiratejeff at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 16:01:41 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 10:05, Hal Burgiss <hal at burgiss.net> wrote:
>> however, fragmentation can occur.  If the commonly thrown about
>> blanket statement "You don't have to defrag a Linux disk" was true,
>> such tools would not exist, nor would there be any debate about
> That's questionable logic, in that the assumption seems to be every
> product/solution addresses a legitimate problem, and is not just something
> produced to turn a quick buck, or to otherwise further someone's own agenda.
> You can even get countries to go to war to solve problems that don't exist.

Perhaps.  I concede the point, at least to a certain degree.  I could
completely agree were the tools actually sold, but there are freely
available tools which would seem to indicate that there IS a concern,
even if the legitimacy of the concern is questionable.

Perhaps the average user or even the small - medium sized enterprise
user may never see a problem, a large scale implementation could,
possibly see performance issues due files being either fragmented (not
so much a concern) or non-linearized (pointed out in one of the links
I provided).

Either way, I hardly think that the debate over whether or not to
defragment ext*, XFS, JFS, or other Linux/Unix filesystems is at the
same level as countries going to war to solve non-existent problems.

However, "In the days following the Filesystem Wars, one emerged alone
above the tattered remains..." ;-)  Sounds like the making of a good
movie <grin>


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