Problem With DVD Conversion

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Feb 14 13:01:34 UTC 2010

Graham Todd wrote:
> I have a Region 1 DVD with NTSC output.  It was bought mistakenly but I
> find that the DVD has not been released in Region 2 (Europe) format with
> PAL output, so this is the only version I can get.
> I would like to use the information on it for research purposes in an
> educational establishment (the University Of Kent), so copyright is not
> an issue here (and been checked with members of the School of Law).
> What software will most easily be able to convert from Region 1 to
> Region 2 and convert NTSC to PAL?  And can any one refer me to a
> website to take me through the process of converting?
> Thanks to all who can give me some directions.

	I assume your using Ubuntu and you need to load the VLC media 
player. Do this with $sudo apt-get install vlc. When that is 
working you need to add some more drivers for DVD movies. Go to:

and d/l the drivers. Now you can display your movie full 
screen if desired.

73 Karl


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