installing XP

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Sat Feb 13 20:43:54 UTC 2010

> Hello Gary,
> I have ever used virtualbox to run XP. But the result is embarrassing.
> If you have a powerful computer, it will run well. But you as well as
> I have only a laptop, which is not so powerful as a desktop computer.
> Running XP in the virtualbox can make both your ubuntu and your wife's
> windows run slowly. That's my real experience. I don't know what your
> wife will think of.  As a result, I cannot stand the slow virtual XP.
> And I reinstall my ubuntu after installing the XP. Now they run both
> very well.

Its not entirely the speed of your processor that matters, but if it specific supports hardware virtualisation. If it does, then VMs are *more* than useable and with decent VM software you should get close to native performance (5-10% overhead). If on the other hand your CPU does not support virtualisation, then yes your experience will be less then impressive.

My point is on the right hardware, with good VM software, virtual machines are a real alternative to dual booting these days...


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