Problem: Routing multicast

Nazeem نجم لدين nazeemnss at
Sat Feb 13 11:26:04 UTC 2010


Consider 3 pc's,

pc1: Has two 2 NIC's , eth0 ( and eth1 (
pc2: eth0 (, connected to eth0 of pc1 and has default gateway
pc3: eth0 (, connected to eth1 of pc1 and has default gateway

 we have two subnets. [eth0] ---------- [eth0] |
[eth1]------------ [eth0]
       pc2                                               pc1

Now how do I route multicast packets, so that I can ip-multicast from pc2 to
pc3 or vice-versa?
The problem is that if trying to add route on pc 1, 224/4 has to be routed
to both eth0 and eth1 depending upon from whether they come from pc2 or pc3.

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