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Andrew Farris flyindragon1 at aol.com
Sat Feb 13 05:29:02 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-02-13 at 00:31 +0400, Selwyn wrote:
> HI Ubuntu prof
> I am having problems updating Ubuntu karmic 9.10
> I am first time user and loving it..until now ..
> refer to attachment

As a word of advice, a lot of people on this list don't appreciate large
pictorial attachments such as the one you attached to your message...
many people filter their emails by message size, and will have therefore
missed your problem. In the future, if you must have a picture, then
upload it somewhere publicly accessible/free (such as imageshack.us) and
simply post a link to the pic in your email. otherwise, copy-pasting the
error text is usually sufficient. For this issue, i posted your
screenshot here:
so that others may look as well, if they're interested.

Now, for your issue, I'm not sure what those packages that are causing
you issues are for, but the error itself looks straightforward... some
packages aren't being configured properly by the updater, then they are
trying to be used to satisfy a dependency ...which cant happen, because
the depended-upon package isn't configured yet. hence the error.

To fix, I'd say try running these commands in a terminal, then re-try
the upgrade (Applications > Accessories > Terminal):
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure libossp-uuid-perl
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure libmime-tools-perl
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure libio-stringy-perl

hope that helps!

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