Lost Whole Directory

Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Sat Feb 13 02:49:23 UTC 2010

I just discovered I had lost the contents of a whole directory.

I have a directory /home/backup/Work/Amradio that somehow became empty.
I last worked in Monday. Since then I have been working in other
directories under /home/backup/Work.

I looked in the trash, and it is not there. 
I have not done anything as a superuser or as sudo for more than a week.
Other than run update manager when it tells me I have updates.

/home/backup is a mounted disk with an ext3 partition. I am using 8.04.
It is a 372 GB disk with 117 GB used.

How do I find out what happened? What logs can I go to? Where could it
have gone? How do I track this down? 

Kipton Moravec AE5IB .- . ..... .. -...

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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