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> Steve,
>, is a website started by Pamela Jones ( PJ ), in 2003 to follow
> the SCO vs IBM trial, and the SCO vs Novell trial, but it has become a
> repository for all of the depositions from the Comes vs Microsoft trial, and
> The people vs Microsoft trial as well.
>        The whole point of the site is to maintain a record of all the mis-dealings
> by SCO and Microsoft, because all this damaging material is disappearing from
> the internet.  The problem is, that the site is only supported by donation,
> there are no sponsers, so there isn't the money available to have the work
> farmed out.
> I hope I have satisfactorily answered your question.  BTW the complete history
> of the development of Linux is also part of the repository.

Maybe you misunderstood me, Robert

What I meant was that if you have a large pile of PDF's which you want
to convert to plain text files but they require proofing and
formatting when they are IN text file format then you can pop them
onto and we'll proofread and format the text files, creating
html version too should you need them. The charge for this will be
zero. We do it for free.

The main purpose is to take old books which are no longer subject to
copyright, scan them, OCR them, proofread them, format them and post
them onto Project Gutenburg so that they are not lost when the last
copy turns to dust.. Anyone can then download a copy for their Phone,
Kindle, netbook, whatever and read the book themselves, often with
illustrations, tables, indexes, the lot... There won't be any more
copies ever printed so we do this to make sure they don't disappear
either. We've "saved" around 17,000 books so far, so in essence we're
doing the same thing you are.

Rather than slog through these converted PDF's let Distributed
Proofreaders do it for you... only restriction is that the articles
must be in the public domain, which I'm fairly sure they will be.

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