Partitioner does not show partitions

Amila Liyanaarachchi amila.uoc at
Thu Feb 11 13:18:47 UTC 2010

I tried to setup Kubuntu on a PC where windows7 is already installed.
I have a 500GB HDD (SATA) with following partitions,
primary 100MB (NTFS) - windows management
primary 100GB (NTFS) - windows7 installation
the rest is unallocated space (~400 GB)

I wanted to install Kubuntu on new partitions created on the unallocated
space, but when I'm going through the installation wizard and when I come to
the create partitions screen it does not show any existing partitions. Even
the hdd is not shown as unallocated space. I was using a Kubuntu 9.10 CD and
setup Kubuntu on a dfferent PC with the same CD (so there can't be any
problem with that)

Already posted this to Kubuntu mailing list, and I guess there is no
much difference in this area.
Can anybody help me with this?

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