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Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Thu Feb 11 09:53:50 UTC 2010

Knapp wrote:
>> I loved PASCAL. A fine structured programming langauge. And I was very
>> impressed by MINIX. I had Tannenbaum's book on MINIX way back when.
>> Thought it was very cool.
>> --
>> Cheers, SDM -- a 21st Century Schizoid Man
> You do know that Pascal is only for learning and was never meant for
> real programming. You were supposed to switch to Modula 2 after
> learning the basics with Pascal but of course people never got that
> bit of it.
Douglas (& the others),
That was Wirtz original intention. However, Pascal turned out to be much 
better structured than Modula-2 and moreover, Borland made it available 
on a whole set of different machines and OSes and improved it a lot.
I had my first running on a Amstrad machine! (anybody remembers those? 
with a 2" external FD as option and a tape deck!). But I'm as old as Karl!

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