OpenOffice 3.1. - Calc: How to correct or get rid of the "invalid sheet reference"?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Feb 10 15:40:16 UTC 2010

Hello Everybody

For a proper understanding of this mail, please go to this 0,7 MB PDF
file with screenshots:
Take a look at Screen-shot 1. At present, I am working in OpenOffice
3.1. Calc - a regular repository spreadsheet package, which I run
within Kubuntu Karmic. The spreadsheet I am working at, will contain
only one sheet, but at least 4 pages A4 - to be printed in a landscape
mode. That's why I really need to get repeatedly printed the first two
rows at every page. I have consulted the help programme: the page that
can be found via the key words "repeating columns/ rows on printed
pages". Afterwords, I have EXACTLY followed the instructions with
respect to "Printing rows on every page".  See the Screen-shots 2, 3
and 4. But after pressing "OK", I get the result you can see at
Screen-shot 5: "Invalid sheet reference". At the help page I refer to,
there are no instructions on what exactly to do in case of such a
"invalid sheet reference". So, I did a few attempts to solve the
problem myself - see the Screen shots 6 and 7. I pressed at OK and the
cursor came back just befor "$1:$2" next to 'rows to repeat". I
clicked again at the cells A1 and A2: and clicked at OK - again
"invalid sheet reference". I changed the name of the sheet a few
times: same problem. The only way I have found so far to get rid of
this 'invalid sheet reference" text, is pressing at 'OK', and than at
"Cancel". As a matter of consequence, I do not manage to instruct Calc
to repeat the first 2 rows when printing the spreadsheet.
To be honest: I have no clue how to solve this problem; I hope to soon
get one or a few instructions how to do so. You could consider
downloading this OpenOffice calc file - a file similar to the one I am
working with:

Thanks, respectfully yours,


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