Grub2 idea: floating for mindshare

Goh Lip g.lip at
Wed Feb 10 02:45:45 UTC 2010

On 02/10/2010 09:08 AM, NoOp wrote:

> Goh, the isse with grub2 (IMO) is the lack of ease in configuring one
> menu file - note my comments/issues with the 'Visa' entries that I would
> rather not appear in my menu on the 'Grub list menu' thread.
> The same issue applies to multiple Ubuntu kernel entries; I like to keep
> 4-5 kernels and in the past startupmanager allowed me to simply select
> how many entries that I wished to show in the menu. Unfortunately with
> the new startupmanager I am unble to do that.
>    Yes I know that is an issue with startupmanager and not grub2 per se.
> But if I elect to show only the 2 most recent kernels I find there is no
> easy way other than to edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg. That file is of course
> autogenerated by /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober.
> Perhaps I've yet to see the overall grub2 picture (quite likely), but
> for the time being grub2 (menu configuration-wise) is for me, a PITA,
> and likely to be so for other users as well. As mentioned in the other
> thread, I very much like the fact that grub2 picks up all of the
> partitions et al, but not so happy that there is not an easy way (that
> I've found) to easily configure the grub2 menu.

Yes, I see your point in so far as changing grub.cfg involves 
/etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d and doing an update-grub.

As others have pointed out, it's okay to do a direct, manual change to 
grub.cfg (especially on first choice of boot) as long as we know it will 
revert back once an kernel change or new grub version is effected.

With my 'first boot', I do not need to touch the OS grub system at all, 
and looking now at the grub.cfg, especially the hardy grub (it's on 
grub2), it is a mile high (time to purge some old kernels) and the 
entries are a lengthy "Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-12-generic" etc 
compared to the simple "Hardy", "Lucid", "Vista" etc that I have on the 
'first grub'.

On a related note, Tom H has posted in a separate newer thread, an 
interesting workaround script for 30_os-prober. Since I don't have a 
need for this, it would be good if others can replicate and confirm it. 
His 'script-fu' is too good for me to understand.

Regards -Goh Lip

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