No more OOo in UNR 10.04

xinchen xinchen97 at
Tue Feb 9 14:22:07 UTC 2010

> I started this dog; didn';t think it would get so big ...!
> Due to their cost (minimal) I have several students for whom their 
> netbook will be their only computer. Mine, while not my only computer,
> is 
> used extensively to take notes, develop and present presentations via 
> Impress.  Had I not know about OOo from a my Ubuntu installs, it
> would 
> have taken a lot fo work to find it -- work I'd likely have avoided
> in 
> favor of the defaults that came with the system. It will also be
> their 
> first time with linux.  They simply won't know there is an
> alternative.  
> we'll miss an opportunity to show hundreds of new users (eventually 
> thousands?) why OOo is a superior product.  It's called baby duck 
> syndrome (BDS): the new user imprints with what's presented to them 
> first.  They can change, but it takes time and maturity. Witness the
> love 
> affair between eduction and Apple. 
> They may not be many in the scheme of things, but it bothers me that 
> we're going to loose those users, or at least a big chunk of them.
> I haven't heard anyone say, but is Google Docs FOSS?  If not, that's 
> another strike against it as far as I'm concerned.
> I find it ironic that Ubuntu is abandoning Google as the default
> search 
> engine in favor of Yahoo; then embracing Google as the default for
> UNR. 
> scrape, scrape, scrape ... sound of soap box being dragged off stage.
i think you are right. To many computer users, a  computer is just a
tool to help them finishing their works. They know little about
computers and linux systems. i think if ubuntu system can not provide
alternative softewares they often use in windows operating system, they
will not choose ubuntu operating system.     

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