No more OOo in UNR 10.04

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Feb 9 13:08:43 UTC 2010

> Yes, but given 4 years and Netbooks will be as fast and strong as
> desktops are now. Give it 10 years and your glasses will be as strong
> as your desktop is now.

And at that time the server will be like a supercomputer and Matlab
will need no less than 32 GB or RAM. Photoshop will need an eight-core
CPU and mplayer will need a 40 Ghz processor to decode SFHD video at
16000x12000 resolution at 96 fps, dual channel (one for each eye).

Netbooks will by definition always be at the low end of the hardware
specs, and will need to pipe over X the real heavy hitters. As
hardware improves, software will bloat to need it.

> I see this as a very short term problem with very long term
> implications. We don't need to go there. It is a way for firms to get
> total control of your computer and then charge you for it. By going
> that way you are hold out your hands and asking for them to put on
> those free handcuffs!

I agree with this. But this is an argument for using hardware powerful
enough to do what you need, not for cramming bloated software into
underpowered devices. Furthermore, what is to stop you from running
your own server in the cloud? I do that today.

Dotan Cohen

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