Sharing Files and Printers [Was: Re: How to set up a VPN on Karmic to XP

Rafiq Hajat ipi.malawi at
Tue Feb 9 01:51:19 UTC 2010

I'm still trying to set up file sharing and haven't got anywhere yet.

You might post back and tell what you have done so far and what did not
work. Maybe I or someone else can help.

Here are the printer links:

If the printer is connected to a Windows box:

If the printer is connected to an Ubuntu box:

Please note:  One of the problems that comes up with both Print sharing
and file sharing is that the computers are not in the same "Workgroup"
We cannot tell if you have that problem until you describe what you are
looking at on your screen.  You also need to take the steps to share the
files before you can fix this problem.  


Actually, I've been out of office and delegated the task to our IT
guy...who doesn't seem to have done much of anything thus far. I'm
embarrassed and try to ascertain where we are at present.

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