Non-backlit, Monochrome LCD or other good displays for shell use

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Mon Feb 8 20:58:01 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 8:37 PM, BC <pencileraser at> wrote:
> I find using modern-day CCFL-powered LCD displays (tethered or external) to
> be exhausting because of the intensity of staring at a focused light source
> for so long (I also have an eye condition).  To some extent CRTs were a
> little easier on the eyes for me back when, but I'd like to dig deeper to
> use a more antiquated tech.

Having used VT320's and similar for some time, I don't think they are
an answer for you.
Quite honestly, if a modern LCD screen set to black with lighter
coloured text is still too much backlighting, then an serial terminal
isn't going to be any better.

I wonder if a larger screen farther away isn't an idea?  e.g. a TV at
10' ?  If 80x25 is good enough, then that might be an answer.


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