No more OOo in UNR 10.04

Rafiq Hajat ipi.malawi at
Mon Feb 8 12:45:46 UTC 2010

>> Hi,
>>> Don't forget that everything still needs to fit on a single CD.
>> Just thinking out loud but why ? How many machines out there have a
>> but not DVD drive these days.
> I don't know, but in poor countries there will be a lot more than
where we 
> live.

Maybe, but it seems to me that optical drives have a fairly finite

> CD's are still a lot cheaper to distribute, so it's a cost saver for 
> Canonical as well.

That I doubt.  and while I don't have exact figures to back it up, I 
know they aren't "a lot" cheaper, if indeed they aren't now a bit more 

Actually, in Malawi, there are scores of PCs and Laptops that still have
CD drives (readers) and the idea of DVD issuances will effectively
exclude countries like us who are still trying to bridge the digital
Oh and blank DVDs cost 3 times more than CDs over here.


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