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Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Mon Feb 8 08:13:09 UTC 2010


On 08/02/2010 09:06, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> Useless. No scan on read/write. It is just a scanner.
>> What do you mean by "no scan on read/write"? Avast is a scan-on-access
>> (read or write) antivirus, on Windows.
> Yeah, not familiar with Avast and I took it for AVG.
We all make mistakes. :)
>>>> There is a Linux version.  I'm thinking about trying it out
>>> wonders how it compares to clamav
>> ClamAV is certainly NOT an on-access scanner on Linux. It provides
>> somewhat on-access when it is interconnected to a SMB file-server, or a
>> mail server... but not to file I/O on the system. It's mostly used as an
>> on-demand scanner in Linux.
> Never said it was on-access. Is Avast on-access on Linux too?
Yes. (See below)
>> Thing is... I think Avast has some on-access features, but it's not
>> clearly stated. They use components of dazuko project to provide
>> file-system related features.
> Oh.
Actually, reading more Avast documentation, it's a full
on-access-scanner on Linux (hence the dazuko project stuff). Dazuko
intercepts file system calls, routes them to a userland application
which can then decide to let the file open call go through (if the file
is clean) or return an "access denied" if the file is contaminated.
Slick. But not necessarily high performance when you go from in-kernel
to userland at every file I/O...

They also have plugs for SAMBA and mail servers...


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