stopping a netbook from sleeping

Karl Auer kauer at
Mon Feb 8 04:25:52 UTC 2010

Hi all.

I have a netbook that is acting as a little router. It has the Ubuntu
Netbook Remix 9.10 on it. I want it to come up at the GDM greeter
screen,but I do NOT want it to sleep if the lid is closed (or time
passes or anything else).

I have set all the gnome preferences. Once I am logged in, they are
honoured. BUT: If I log out (or never log in) the netbook sleeps if I
close the lid, and after a certain amount of time passes without any
keyboard/mouse activity.

If I stop the GUI by killing GDM, the netbook never sleeps, so I have
modified /etc/init/gdm.conf to exit without doing anything if a certain
file exists. This is a bit of a kludge though, and I would prefer to
have the GUI available.

Is there any way to tell GDM not to sleep? I've been through all the
options in gdmsetup and none look useful in this regard.

Regards, K.

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