No more OOo in UNR 10.04

Mark C. Miller mr.mcmiller at
Mon Feb 8 02:00:30 UTC 2010

On Sun, 07 Feb 2010 09:41:01 -0500, Rashkae wrote:

> Mark C. Miller wrote:
>> Was disappointed to learn that OOo will be replaced with Google Docs in
>> UNR as of 10.04.  I really hate the idea of being forced to work in the
>> cloud.  The link to the details is located here: <http://
>> edition-10-04/>.
>> I can only hope that OOo will still be available through Synaptic for
>> UNR.
>> mcm
> Of course it will, and no one is forcing google docs on you.  They are
> simply changing what gets installed by default from the CD.

It it's the default, it might as well be by force.  I've just gotten some 
shaky people over to Ubuntu [UNR for our machines].  Whatever comes out 
of the box will become their standard unless I run over and make the 
change for them.The default installs are taken as ad endorsement by lots 
of users.  They'll work with what comes out of the box.

As a devoted OOo user, I don't want to give up the key positioning by 
making the users look for the software.  We all know users who will never 
get past the defaults.  Given the change to the Yahoo tool bar, I'm 
seeing money as a motivator, not the size of the ISO.  If Canonical walks 
away from OOo as a default, IT WILL hurt.  There's users will never see 
in the OOo community

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