64 bit info

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Mon Feb 8 00:24:56 UTC 2010

>> I thought 9.10 offered a PAE kernel that was not server.  Maybe I'm
>> confused with F12...
> In both discussions about 64bit I only read about adressable RAM. But
> doesn't the 64bit CPUs have more registers and can handle 64 bit data
> directly which both should make them faster?

Data is stored in the local caches for quick processing. However, these 
caches do not hold all that much. The bulk of data (be they instructions 
or actual data) is stored in RAM and fetched as necessary.

AMD processors had an advantage where they could directly request data 
from RAM without any middle man doing translation. That is what the PAE 
is about with respect to Intel cpus IIRC.

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