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Chuck Kuecker ckuecker at ckent.org
Sun Feb 7 16:32:46 UTC 2010

NoOp wrote:
> On 02/06/2010 04:28 AM, Chuck Kuecker wrote:
>> That's the problem. Regardless of which theme or background I choose, I 
>> get a black background.
>> Some other items that might give a hint. When I said I "upgraded", I 
>> meant I reinstalled 9.04, and upgraded to 9.10 after it finished - I had 
>> serious problems with the package manager that needed a clean reinstall. 
>> That worked out for me - problems are gone in the package manager.
>> I tried to set up a screen saver, and got strange results, such as some 
>> of the screen saver preview shots getting "stuck" on top of the menu 
>> boxes needed to change things - at one point, the screen saver locked up 
>> the computer. I've got the generic flying text screen saver up now, so 
>> the monitor will shut down after I walk away for a bit, but I would 
>> really like to get the neat engine animation saver I had in the old 9.04 
>> installation back. I'm wondering if the screen saver upset somehow broke 
>> the wallpaper.
> You might try booting to recovery mode & running the dpkg option. Could
> be that the "upgrade" didn't complete properly. Following that, continue
> to boot normally; if you get the cli prompt, go ahead and login using
> your standard username and password & then 'startx' - or reboot & login
> normally. After logging back in to the desktop, open a terminal and try:
> $ sudo apt-get update
> $ sudo apt-get upgrade
> $ sudo apt-get install -f
> Let us know what the results are.
I figured it out - under 'Appearances - Visual Effects', I had selected 
'Normal'. Changed that to 'None', and I have background again.

May be my video card is too old or too slow. No matter, I don't need 
fast graphics to hack code.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Chuck Kuecker

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