Converting a friend to Ubuntu

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Sun Feb 7 10:49:03 UTC 2010

On Sun, 07 Feb 2010 10:41:52 -0000, Alain Muls <alain.muls at>  

> Hi All,
> A couple of weeks ago I asked advice on what to do to convert a friend
> from WIndows to Linux. I got some helpful advice and I installed his
> system as a dual boot system between Vista and Ubuntu 9.10.
> When comparing the speed of both systems, my friend was impressed
> because his Vista takes roughly 5 minutes before the network
> connection comes up, while in Ubuntu after a minute he is up and
> running. I also made an account for his wife and 3 daughters.
> Since he is a real noob (eg. he uses spaces in a Word processor to
> center lines) I created a Writer's template that he can use for making
> invoices. Under Windows he made a backup of his "My Documents" folder
> on a weekly basis on an external USB hard drive. I told him that
> having a backup on a device only one meter away from his desktop is
> not tha ideal solution. I installed Ubuntu One and linked his
> directory for invoicing to it and he was amazed that when he saved an
> invoice it was auto-magically backup up to a server. So happily I left
> him with his system and returned home.
> Yesterday, two weeks after his conversion, he phoned and asked me
> whether the install was still under "guarantee". I asked what was
> wrong and at startup he was placed into a administrative shell. I went
> by and started a fsck on his Linux partitions (/ and /home). On one of
> the partitions I got a message that there were files with a future
> timestamp (I think it was the /home).
> I wondered why this would be the case. Could it be that Windows puts
> the clock on local time (for Belgium this is UTC+1hr) while I
> installed Ubuntu with UTC time or vice versa. So that when you restart
> within the hour after a windows session, Ubuntu gets mixed up by the
> timing?
> Any advice will help, or all my talks about the stability of Linux
> will go down the drain with my first convert :-(
> bye/Alain
Windows sets the clock to local time not UTC, so you will have to sett  
Ubuntu to use local time as well.


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