FTP lacking file name completion on 9.04

Tero Pesonen ubuntu-users at tpesonen.net
Sat Feb 6 14:50:46 UTC 2010


I just noticed that the FTP command on my 9.04 will not complete
filenames (i.e. by pressing TAB, similar to bash.) On my old SUSE box,
FTP does this, making downloading files with long names, hidden behind
long paths composed of long and complex directory names, much easier and
faster. The man page offers no help. It does talk about filename
globbing (disabled by -g), but I don't know what that means -- my
dictionary knows no such verb as "to glob."

Can I turn filename completion on somehow, or do I need to recompile FTP
with this feature enabled?

Thanks for any ideas!

Tero Pesonen

GPG KeyID 315FD528

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