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Knapp magick.crow at
Sat Feb 6 13:11:26 UTC 2010

>> I know that I said there were no viruses but I did some research and
>> found this!! READ THIS EVERYONE!!
>> So the key here is not to be stupid and also only install from Ubuntu
>> repositories!
> But there is a difference between Linux and Windows here. This
> will not give the malware root access, unless there are some
> unpatched flaw it can leverage. On Windows XP, Vista and 7,
> malware almost always get admin access. XP runs as admin
> by default, and in both Vista and 7, malware can easily bypass
> the socalled UAC. Win 7 is even less secure than Vista, due to
> changes MS made on the account of usability.
>> I  don't think that the many versions of Linux is that big a problem
>> to virus writers. Lets face it, most Linux systems are running one of
>> the top 5 distros and most of the others are the same distros with
>> different software packages selected. Making 5 different viruses is
>> not that hard for some slimy professional mafia type hacker.
> Social engineering is one of the most effective ways to infect a
> OS, and if Linux becomes popular enough, it will happen here
> too.
> --
> Odd

Yes, but as pointed out in the link, you don't need it to get the
user's list of contacts or his bank account and even other uses like
zombies do not seed SU on a machine used by one users as most home
desktop machines are.

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