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2010/2/4 Gryllida <gryllida at>:
> Hi Ubuntu users
> My English is really not very good
> I am somehow sure that Windows is dominant on the market
> Therefore you saw it at least
> You was using one of Ubuntu/Windows for more than month
> Then you saw the other OS
> The question is what you found different?
> What did strike you mostly about the other OS?
> my interests:
> I develop addons for Firefox using Notepad
> I am serious but sometimes watch movies and listen to music
> I play no games and sometimes do some picture editing
> my questions:
>>What is pretty more convenient in Ubuntu?
>>What is pretty more convenient in Windows?
> Please
> *Use my interest as orientation
> *Be simple
> I know no Linux words except for "Gnome".
> You can use some but use them not in short form and give links to their websites
> Gryllida

Why don't you just install both and play around with them and decide
for yourself? What would it help you if I say that GEdit is better
than Notepad if you don't agree? I am me and you are you. We are
different, right? If you install Windows first and then Ubuntu, you
can have a dual boot install, which means that you can select which
operating system to start at atartup.
When installing Ubuntu, the Ubuntu installer will find your Windows
installation and give you a few options, among them to install Ubuntu
and keep the Windows installation.

You need to install some codecs to be able to use some common but
proprietary file formats. If you don't know how and what to install,
do some google searching or, if that doesn't help, create a new thread
here about it.

Johnny Rosenberg

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