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>> > 2.No, windows more popular than linux so Windows is much more prone
>> to
>> > viruses. quite a few computer user use linux.
>> There are no wild viruses for linux. Hackers LOVE to capture Linux
>> machines because they tend to be better computer systems and have
>> faster connections. There are however other ways to get hacked with
>> linux so watch out!
> yes, you are right, Only a few viruses for linux, I think  the main is
> linux rus on many architectures and there are many versions of linux
> many packaging systems and many shells. A virus in linux word might
> affect some people

I know that I said there were no viruses but I did some research and
found this!! READ THIS EVERYONE!!
So the key here is not to be stupid and also only install from Ubuntu

I  don't think that the many versions of Linux is that big a problem
to virus writers. Lets face it, most Linux systems are running one of
the top 5 distros and most of the others are the same distros with
different software packages selected. Making 5 different viruses is
not that hard for some slimy professional mafia type hacker.

>> > 4. yes. but you can get technical support ?directly from Microsoft
>> > support center but if you use linux ,you can only get help from
>> > mail-list or network.
>> This is plane false. You can get payed support for most major Distros
>> of linux.
> yes , i give money i can get technical support.

Yep, and I have almost always gotten very good support here or with
IRC. Might not be perfect but really quite good most of the time.

>> > 6.No, ?although I've been using openoffice for a long time.I do have
>> to
>> > say word is powerful and better than openoffice, in my experience.
>> Got examples for that one? I have been using MS Word and Open Office
>> and have yet to use 99% of ether with my personal use or my small
>> business use. I could really just use MS notepad or Kate 90% of the
>> time. I have no idea what most people use in MS Word that Open Office
>> can't do. Same goes for Photoshop VS Gimp. I am a 3d artist and still
>> don't use most of the functions of ether program. I LOVE blender 3d
>> and as far as I know, MS has nothing close and for sure nothing free.

> yes MS Word is non-free but the compatible of open office  is not good
> for Chinese , if you use openoffice open a file which write in Chinese
> and save in Microsoft Office file formats, you'll have a bad
> experience

Interesting, but hardly important for the majority of users. Do you
have that problem with all MS format saves from Open Office or just
saving to newer MS format? I don't know about you but if I had to
write to Chinese in Chinese (I took a year of it and that is one HARD
language), I would just send the file in some format that they can
read like PDF. If we must work together then perhaps they can install
Open Office. Why should I have to pay and install word? Also Word runs
just fine for me on Wine (Have not tried that trick in years though.).

Douglas E Knapp

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.

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