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shali Kallumpuram vidyaserveradmin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 05:18:25 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Thanks for your reply
>Controlling their files...what do you mean?

each user have their own files i need to manage that files .that means the
home directory of each users.

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>>>Yo Ubuntu Domain Server project! Have you got anywhere yet?


>Setup an ldap server and instruct those 50 Ubuntu machines to use the
>ldap directory on the ldap server for authentication and user info. How
>to do that is left as an exercise for you.

>Controlling their files...what do you mean? If you want to control their
>desktop and you also have different groups, I recommend that you use
>Hardy, use the KDE 3.5 desktop and use kiosktool to setup the various
>desktops. In fact, this is the only way if you want group based desktop

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