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Hrishikesh Murali hrishikeshmurali88 at
Fri Feb 5 14:19:08 UTC 2010


I am a new member to this list, but I have been subscribed to "ilugc"
mailing list ( for a year or so. I am seeing discussions
regarding how to moderate the mails. I have ideas regarding this issue which
is used in the "ilugc" mailing list, but I don't know if all of you are
ready to incorporate it.

- If there are any 'Off-Topic' or 'non-technical' discussions which anyone
want to start, like "general linux mails, competitions and conferences
regarding ubuntu/linux, etc.", the person who is mailing can prefix the
subject with [OT] and send it.

This can also be used for different type of mails:
    - If the discussion is regarding 'kde', the sender can prefix the
subject with [KDE].
    - If it is regarding 'lucid', since some people may not want to have
developers or testers mails', the sender can prefix the subject with [LUCID]
                  - Of course, the above point is valid only until the
stable version of Ubuntu Lucid is released :)

Hence, if a person does not want to recieve these type of mails, he/she can
just create a filter so that he/she is not disturbed. Afterall, none of us
want people flaming each other on the mailing list. So people who don't want
to be disturbed, need not be :)

I would also like to suggest the moderator (If there is someone, and if not,
anyone who is willing to do this for the betterment of this mailing list),
to send monthly reminders regarding discipline in the mailing list
(top-posting, using abusive language, using google before querying, etc.)
and how to create filters so that they receive only those mails which they
don't mind reading.

I know this might not be a very easy task to do, but if someone is willing
to take it up, it would be really helpful to everyone in this list.
Afterall, this mail is not going to change. Once it is done, the moderator
has to just send it on the 1st of every month.

I don't mean any offense of any sort to anyone, just suggesting an idea :)

Thanks and Regards,
Hrishikesh Murali
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