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Thu Feb 4 21:00:50 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 8:19 PM, Cybe R. Wizard
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> On Thu, 4 Feb 2010 11:28:23 -0800
> Johnneylee Rollins <johnneylee.rollins at> wrote:
>> These last two posts are offtopic and they break the CoC. Please don't
>> clutter up the threads with chatter.
>> If you want, go to sounder or #ubuntu-offtopic in IRC on freenode.
>> ~SpaceGhost
> Are you the mew moderator?

If he were, you wouldn't have received this email as he would have
emailed the OP directly.

By the same token., Spacey is bang on the button and gave perfectly ok
advice. Take it to sounder to discuss seems fair to me.

When one person suffers from a delusion it is insanity. When many
people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.

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