Is it impossible to have linux on satellite u500 17x??!!

Mário Rodrigues mario.s.rodrigues at
Thu Feb 4 14:08:47 UTC 2010

Thanks a lot.
I have understood Walter's point.
And I would very much like to have a chance... as I really came to dislike
windows (after being used to kubuntu, it works realy nice on my old laptop,
of course after some minor adjustments).

I will have a look on your link.

2010/2/4 Amedee Van Gasse (ub) <amedee-ubuntu at>

> On Thu, February 4, 2010 13:52, Mário Rodrigues wrote:
> > does this means I really have to go back to windows!!!
> >
> > I mean... If you somebody knows that there aren't any solutions to my
> > problems at least not very straight forward ones, you could tell me so I
> > don't use my time doing something unfruitful!
> >
> > Thank you Walter for your reply if I find some of these I will try to
> > catch
> > it!
> >
> > Thank you everyone.
> I think that what Walter wants to say is, there may be some tiny little
> problem that is really, really hard to find when you can only send emails
> to the mailing list, but it may be totally obvious and trivial for someone
> else who can actually *see* and *touch* your laptop.
> It also helps if you can explain the problem in your own words, in your
> own language. I don't know if you are a native English speaker, I'm not.
> A LOCO team is a local support group. It's a group of Ubuntu users in your
> country. Sometimes you can contact individuals (just stop by their house
> after mailing or phoning them); sometimes they organize meetings that are
> open for everybody. It depends, every LOCO team is different.
> This is the list of the LOcal COmmunity teams:
> --
> Amedee
> --
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