64 bit info

Christopher Rob JONES christopher.rob.jones at cern.ch
Thu Feb 4 06:47:13 UTC 2010


> FWIW, many 32 bit kernels these days come with PAE enabled that will
> allow a 32 bit system to address up to 16GB (maybe up to 32) but IIRC
> they are still limited by a 3.6GB page size.

True, but as this is not available in the 32 bit ubuntu "desktop" 
kernels - You have to explicitly by hand install the "server" kernels 
which have these extensions.

> Good luck with your extra ram.  I really need to get a system above
> 2GB at home.  I'm spoiled by the 512GB systems I test on at work :-)

Nice. Going to cost you though to replicate those beasts ;)


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