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Thu Feb 4 02:43:00 UTC 2010

Microsoft has no future...

This is why I started using Open Office Org recently. The first
difference I saw was that it is more object-oriented. Not "File - page
setup", but "Format - Page", near "Format - Character" and "Format -
Paragraph". In MS Word, there even isn't any clear difference between
the latter two. Even in the "Styles" window, there is clear
object-orientation in Open Office: the categories are Paragraph,
Character, Frame, Page, List styles. ---Open Office Org also has a
comfortable formula editor, compared to MS Word - though it's
important part is TeX code, it's nice to see what you mean.

This is what I felt when I switched from MS Word to Open Office Org. I
want to hear alike reactions from you. What did you find different in
Ubuntu / Windows when you had been using one of them for a long while
and then saw another one?

On 2/4/10, q0k <q0k.character at> wrote:
> The main question is comparison of Ubuntu with Windows. It troubles me
> the most. I thank you Ubuntu users for the "basic" thread discussion
> and would like to hear more about comparison of Windows and Ubuntu.
> What do you find definitely more comfortable in Ubuntu?

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