Technical support, not general discussions (Was: basic)

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at
Wed Feb 3 15:56:51 UTC 2010

On Wed, February 3, 2010 15:39, Odd wrote:

> Sorry, I misread your message. Yes, but the definition of technical
> support
> is not for Amedee to decide. He's free to have an opinion, but that's all
> it
> is. Notice that a number of people have disagreed with his definition.

I didn't decide anything. I only voiced my opinion. In a polite way.
You have voiced your disagreement with my opinion. Good for you.
If my polite opinion really bothers you, then don't read my messages.

It is also my opinion that this meta-discussion (discussion about a
discussion) is of a non-technical nature. You may disagree.


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