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Wed Feb 3 12:18:20 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-03 at 21:00 +0900, q0k wrote:
>         If your requirements are to write school projects and to do
>         some
>         software development, then you could pretty much choose any OS
>         on the
>         planet (save perhaps the Amiga 500 in the attic.)
>         And please do not go supposing people know all that well what
>         Windows
>         has or hasn't. I myself do not know anything about modern
>         Windows's. I
>         could tell you something about Windows 2000 or XP, but I doubt
>         that
>         suffices.
> I have been using Windows 200 for several years and Windows XP for
> several months. Therefore, that what you know suffices :)
> I hate Windows Vista and Windows 7 because  they look ugly,  they lack
> many features Windows XP has,  because they place existing features
> into places where nobody finds them, most annoyingly "advanced"
> sections and buttons.. 
> I now see the Microsoft has no future... 
> 1) you imagine the most ugly interface for a word processor - the
> ugliest you can think of
> 2) visit
> 3) see that Microsoft has a HUGE talent for ugliness of GUI

True, Microsoft provides poor usability. But that MS would not have a
future is an overstatement. They just sold 60 million copies of some new
Windows version during the last three months and made, as a result, 8.5
billion USD in profits. And the real cash cow for MS is actually Office.

> This is why I am searching for a Linux OS instead 

You could start by checking both the Gnome and KDE desktop environments
(with Live CD's, perhaps?) and based on which you like most, go for an
appropriate Linux distribution. (Ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, SUSE's, ...).
Some people prefer lighter UI's, such Xfce. There's plenty to choose
from with Linux.


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