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> 1) I have been using Windows for 5 years. Why should I choose Ubuntu?

In my personal opinion, Ubuntu can do almost anything which you want to do
in Windows, so why not use it!!

Rather than saying ''what Ubuntu has and Windows hasn't", I would like to
stress upon the point of 'open-source'. I know it might not seem to be a
really catchy idea for a student, but in the long run, I am definitely sure
ubuntu (or open source in general, I am saying ubuntu because I feel it is a
lot more user friendly when compared to other distributions of linux) will
satisfy all the needs of a student, and even more.

Not many people understand the full potential of free and open source
softwares and why you need it, which is why I suggest you start looking at *,, etc.

There are numerous situations where Windows can be the better of the two,
and the most popular one is gaming (as a student, I think this should be
quite a setback). Yet, we do have softwares like 'playonlinux' which can
enable you to bridge the gap. Another very popular situation is proper
driver support, as not ALL video cards (to my knowledge) are supported by
Ubuntu. But with the support you get from canonical, and owing to rapid
development of the Ubuntu community, this does not turn out to be a problem
in majority of the cases.

The point I would like to make is that you can switch to Ubuntu, as it is
secure, rapidly developing and is "Free and Open Source". I am sure this
mailing list will help you a lot in answering queries, so please do feel
free to ask if any :)**

Thanks and Regards,
Hrishikesh Murali
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