nvidia update ends with error

nepal nepal.roade at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 3 08:33:21 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 03 Feb 2010 06:59:43 anubis wrote:
> No worries. That usually just means uninstall one before installing
>  the other as one is trying to take over while the former won't let
>  go.
Thankyou, that makes sense. Now that you've explained it, I can see it 
means that.

I don't know why but folowing this problem, I just instinctively went 
to the hardware drivers utility and there were new options to install 
the 195 driver which I have now done without further install problems.

so Anubis has both the knowledge of the ancients and of *buntu. The 
universe is indeed in peril! ;)


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