Partition resize

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Feb 3 03:17:22 UTC 2010

Alfredo De Luca wrote:
> Windows is at sda1 ntfs
> Ubuntu
>      sda3 extended
>            sda5 ext4 /
>            sd6   linux-swap

Argh, I should have asked for your hard drive layout before offering any 
suggestions :)

Your case is a bit more complicated.  You'll probably have delete the 
Windows partition, then move the linux partition from where it's at now 
to the space at the start of the drive., delete the current sda5 and 
sd6, and sd3, then resise sda1 (now containing your linux) to use most 
of the available free space, and create a new swap partition at the 
end...... after which you'll have to resolve any grub issues that popped 
up.   Ugh... this is something you'll probably want experienced hands on 
help with if you do decide to proceed.  Sorry

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