OT: was: Re: 32 or 64??

Odd iodine at runbox.no
Tue Feb 2 22:11:38 UTC 2010

Rashkae wrote:
>> Bullcrap.
>> The Q8300, Q8400 (Core 2 Quad) as well as a number of Core 2 Duo (The 
>> 7000 range, I believe) do not support virtualiaztion, (though their 
>> predecessor's, the 6000 series, did).
>> Believe me, I was as surprised as you when I discovered this (after 
>> banging my head trying to figure out why I couldn't get 64-bit virtual 
>> machines to work on these shiny new servers I just assembled.).
> Oops, should have checked the spec sheet more carefully before including
> the 8400... but still, you have to check the bloody specs when choosing
> your cpu,, you can't assume Vt-X will just be there, that was my mistake.

If you had read a bit further in the thread, you would see that Gilles
has already said he was wrong. So no need for this.


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