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Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at
Tue Feb 2 21:01:01 UTC 2010

>        OK! your in luck! I assume you have a lot of free space right
> after /dev/sda6.
>        What I would do is delete /dev/sda6. Then with Gparted make
> /dev/sda5 as large as you want it. On Gparted it is resize.
> Then make a new /dev/sda6 as a linux-swap partition.
Do you know what a extended partition is carile?
He can't just do that. Think of an extended partition as a wrapper for
other partitions inside it. You have to make the wrapper bigger before
you make the partitions inside it any larger.

My advice to escape the wrapper would be to make a new partition in
the front of the disk. Format it to ext3 or two or four. Then I would
copy or dd the partition containing ubuntu into the new partition. I
think there is a copy function in gparted, but I've never used it. If
you'd like some specific help on this, I'll research a few things and
then present you with a quick tutorial to get you where you want.

If you don't mind having ubuntu on a extended partition, feel free to
ignore this message.

>        Ignore Johnnie. He will correct all this to his unknown methods.
Can someone tell him that I wasn't wrong so I don't have to prove it
to him? He gets his feelings hurt.


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