PXE Booting Ubuntu from WDS (Windows Deployment Solutions)

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 2 03:44:14 UTC 2010

On 02/01/2010 03:40 AM, Chadley Wilson wrote:
> Hi All,
> To Start with my first post...
> 1.) How is everyone today?
> 2.) I am well experienced in desktop computing, which includes Windows and Linux.
> 3.) I am fairly well experienced in servers running Windows and Linux, but I don't get to set them up every day and so don't always know how I did things.
> 4.) I am competent in scripting languages but not a programmer.
> A bit of background:
> I maintain 6 servers which run WDS, we use these servers to pre load Windows on computers using images. I have developed software which preloads computers for which there is no existing image and this is done automatically. I added Linux to my mix recently and have had a lot of success. The system we run is designed to keep any form of medium from entering or being used on our factory floor. (We wouldn't want you to buy one of our PC's and it has a virus on it)
> My current project is to add Ubuntu Linux to my existing Windows 2008 Server which is running WDS PXE (TFTP, BOOTP, etc...) for Windows PE and image deployment and Windows Setup

I see that you've not received any responses from this list. Perhaps you
might want to consider:

Other than that:

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