Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop CD booted system could not mount internal harddisks attached to a RAID motherboard

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 00:00:11 UTC 2010

> Thanks for the suggestion.

> root at ubuntu:/dev/mapper# dmraid -r
> /dev/sdb: isw, "isw_dfbbifjhde", GROUP, ok, 488397166 sectors, data@ 0
> /dev/sda: isw, "isw_dfbbifjhde", GROUP, ok, 488397166 sectors, data@ 0

>  My motherboard has an Intel Software Raid that I had once set my two
> 250GB internal harddisks into RAID 1. I have (about 1 year ago) then decided
> not to use RAID 1 and set (in the normal BIOS) the two internal disks back
> into independent IDE disks. However, I don't know whether the RAID 1 setting
> remains in the RAID BIOS or not.

> It seems that Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop may have recognized my two internal
> IDE disks as a RAID set.

> How should I remove the RAID set and release my 2 internal disks as
> independent IDEs. The commands used must NOT destroy my data in the two
> internal disks.

You're welcome.

The raid set is probably being activated because of the remaining raid
metadata from your experiment.

The activation of the raid set is not deleting your ntfs data on sda1,
sda2, and sdb1, is it? So the deactivation will not do so either.

mdadm allows you to unmount a raid device, disable it, and delete its
raid metadata without destroying the "real" data so dmraid must too.

If/once you follow the three steps above, purge dmraid from the CD
before launching the installer in order to disallow it from
re-detecting the raid set.

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