32 or 64??

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at cern.ch
Mon Feb 1 19:59:46 UTC 2010


> Yes, I install those packages that the developers are willing to call a release.

Of course I listen to what devs say, but not blindly. A little common sense as well is needed.

>> In this case Abode is doing the opposite, being extremely cautious (or
>> slow, depending on your point of view). Its still in what they call
>> 'beta', but is better in terms of stability in the real world, then a
>> lot of so called stable code.
> I agree that Adobe is being overly cautious or slow. I am not a
> software engineer, I do not take upon myself to override their
> decisions and better judgement.

Nor am I. It also depends on the software in question. If this was a filesystem or I kernel module I would agree more with you - being very cautious is better. But a web plugin... Come on.

>> So yes, I don't care nor do I think it matters what tags Abode gives it.
>> It works as well as the 32 bit plugin, so should IMO be regarded as
>> stable, regardless of what Abode calls give it.
> You men that thing? You're braver than I thought.

Something is not stable just because the devs say it is. Its stable when it is 'proved' to be stable, and in my testing the 64 bit plugin is just as stable as the 32 bit one. That means much more to me that what Abode says.

>> I have absolutely no problem recommending the 64 bit version to all
>> newcomers that have 64 bit capable machines.
> Here we differ. When you will learn to accept that not the whole world
> shares your point of view, you will have less pointless arguments like
> this one. The only reason that I continue is KDE hasn't finished
> compiling.

Please point me to where I explicitly said you where not allowed your point of view... Of course you are and I respect it. But that does not change the fact I don't agree with you when you warn people off 64 bit installations, so as long as you carry on scare mongering people away from the 64 bit world, I'll carry on disagreeing with you ... ;)


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