sudo with virsh

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Mon Feb 1 18:37:54 UTC 2010

01.02.2010 18:11, scar:

> ok, this is interesting.  everything works as expected when i am at the
> console of the KVM/Qemu server.  i can use virsh and virt-manager
> without sudo.  'groups' command lists me as being a member of libvirtd.
> however, the need for sudo arises when i am on a remote system,
> connected to the KVM/Qemu server via SSH.  'groups' command does not
> list me as being a member of libvirtd when i am connected via SSH.  i am
> connecting from a system on the same local network.

I wouldn't expect to see any difference between a local and a ssh login
wrt to libvirt or group membership. And indeed, I don't see any
difference (I just tried - just in case...).

Are you really sure that you login as the same user via ssh and locally
(easy to miss something, if one has configured Host aliases in .ssh/config)?
If so, does restarting sshd change anything?

Or maybe there's something unusual with your sshd_config?


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