Is it impossible to have linux on satellite u500 17x??!!

nopsidy nopsidy at
Mon Feb 1 08:55:04 UTC 2010

>>if some body knows that there are no solutions you could tell me so I
don't waste more of my time looking for those solutions.

There is always a solution for everything my friend. Just a matter of
finding out what is the exact problem and debug output is very helpful. Alot
of time what works on similar hardware will work on here (with my past
experience), But not always.

Note: I may not be able to assist you on these problems, but I want to
encourage you not to give up. Plus it's a matter of time before these issues
are fixed in an update or a future release.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Don't just junk it. Your bound to find the
solutions if you keep looking.

-nop nop nop
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